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Sunflower Dog

North Carolina land developer Salvador Hinson’s life has been pretty simple. Make a deal, cash out, and try not to think about the existential emptiness growing inside him. When his shady business partner dies, leaving clues to a piece of land that could mean a major deal and early retirement for Salvador, he’s all in. But, when local professor and botanist Dr. Kat Sardofsky, who happens to be Salvador’s type, discovers the rare Schweinitz Sunflower on the land, she races to ban its development.

She’s not the only one with plans for the land, though. There’s also the clandestine, voodoo-chanting pot grower, a Marine flunk-out who’s determined to prove to his reality-TV-loving girlfriend that he can succeed at something and her curmudgeonly, secretly wealthy grandmother who lives next to the land. Then there’s the landowner himself, a recently unemployed man who’s quickly becoming unhinged. When Salvador convinces the man to sell, the clock runs out for everyone, leading to a final showdown—where shots are fired, secrets are revealed, choices are made, and everyone’s futures will be determined. And then there’s the dog…

Sunflower Dog explores the many layers of life in a small, North Carolina town as its residents try to find their place in the neo-gothic South.

Kevin Winchester

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