Classical Music, Who Knew?

So, it’s fall break and I’m sitting in my office grading freshman papers. I usually stream WNCW in my office, ‘cause, you know, Americana and more, plus, they’re the best radio station on the planet (that plug was unsolicited and no compensation was offered) But, they played a couple of what we ‘in the biz’ used to call two-beer tunes, one to drink, one to cry in, and coupled with the grim realities of freshman writing, I needed a change. I needed something calming, something soothing, so I asked the google to find me some streaming classical music.

As always, the google was happy to comply and offered me 64 million choices. I picked one at random, took a deep cleansing breath, and returned to the sentence frags, comma splices, and 300-500 word run-on sentences.

Admittedly, I know next to nothing about classical music other than its roll in early heavy metal music…or so I thought. Tune after tune (or is it movement after movement? Their lingo is different than that of 3 chords and the truth) came on and I found myself humming along. Then the visual memory kicked in - I knew these songs! I recalled episodes of Bugs Bunny, Wylie Coyote, Tom and Jerry, and my favorite, Foghorn Leghorn. Suddenly, I was eight again and all was right with the world. Classical music—who knew?

I wonder if ACME has something to make the rest of these papers grade themselves. I’ll ask the google…